Wagering Requirements
How to Beat Them

Want to learn how to beat wagering requirements when claiming casino bonuses? You've come to the right place. Using online gambling promotions are perfect for boosting your bankroll. But the conditions casinos impose on your wagering can stop you from cashing out your winnings. So, how can you avoid this nightmare?

Our expert guide gives you the lowdown on wagering requirements and how to beat them. Read our professional tips to make sure you can always withdraw your cash prizes.

What Is a Wager?

A wager is the sum of money you place on an uncertain event. Every time you bet on a casino game - slots, table demo slot pragmatic olympus, bingo etc. - or sports, this is a wager. It can also refer to how much money you've staked overall, in one session or over a set time.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

When you claim free spins bonuses, the gambling site gives you bonus money to play its demo slot pragmatic olympus for free. However, this is not real cash that you can withdraw without wagering. Many casinos also give you free spins to play slot machines. Typically, If you win using this free play, you receive more prizes in the form of bonus money. 

Online casinos often keep your bonus money in a separate wallet from your cash deposits - this bonus cash is subject to wagering requirements. Therefore, you must wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any real cash prizes that you've won with the bonus money. This sum is usually a multiple of the bonus amount.

How Do They Work?

How the wagering requirements work depend on the type of casino bonus you have claimed. If you've chosen a cash bonus, you have to bet a multiple of this bonus amount to withdraw your winnings. For instance, if you claim a bonus with a 5x wagering requirement, you have to wager 5x the bonus amount.

However, when you select a free spins bonus, the multiplier applies to the winnings you get from the free spins. Also, to claim any winnings from free bet promotions, you might have to deposit a set amount so that you can withdraw real cash.

How To Calculate Wagering Requirements

Once you've found a casino bonus that appeals to you, you need to know how to calculate the wagering requirements. Even if you're not good with numbers, working this out is straightforward. Simply take your bonus and multiply it by the wagering requirement to calculate the total amount you need to bet to withdraw your winnings.

For example, let's say you claim a €100 match-deposit bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. In this case, the formula would be €100 x 20 = €2,000. Therefore, if you want to cash out your winnings with this bonus, you need to wager €2,000.

Some casinos offer you a sticky bonus - these work a little differently. These promotions include your initial deposit into the wagering requirements. So, when you select one of these, the formula would be (bonus amount) + (deposit) x (wagering requirement) = total amount needed to claim your winnings.

Using the deposit-match bonus example above with €100, it would look like this: (€100) + (€100) X (20) = €4,000. Although these numbers seem high, our experts assure you that you can beat wagering requirements following our tips. Scroll down to learn how.

5 Tips on How to Beat Wagering Requirements

1. Read the Terms and Conditions

When you claim welcome bonus money or another promotional offer, always read the terms and conditions carefully, as they outline the wagering requirements. Checking is an excellent way to see if they suit your bankroll. Remember that sometimes you have to make a minimum deposit to receive the bonus cash.

Also, consider these two factors: you might have to use a specific deposit method to claim it and have a limited amount of time to use it. Most importantly, remember that all online casinos impose different rules and regulations on meeting the wagering requirements.

2. Choosing Your Casino

Weigh up all the benefits of the casino before you sign up. Ask yourself these questions before registering your new player account:

Does it have the demo slot pragmatic olympus that suit your gaming style?
Does it accept your preferred payment methods?
Is the gambling site mobile compatible?
Are the ongoing promotions at the online casino generous?
Does it hold a reputable license?

Weigh up all the benefits of the casino before you sign up. Ask yourself these questions before registering your new player account:

3. Choose a Game That's Right for You

Often different demo slot pragmatic olympus contribute different percentages of your wager to the requirements. As we mentioned before, you can find this information in the terms and conditions. They always give you a breakdown of which demo slot pragmatic olympus qualify and what percentage of your wager they contribute to the wagering requirements. 

Check this out beforehand to see if the demo slot pragmatic olympus suit your playing style. In most cases, online slot machines contribute 100% of your bet to the requirements. Table demo slot pragmatic olympus, however, contribute 50% - sometimes even less. So, you can meet your wagering requirements more quickly by playing online slots.

4. Play Like a Pro

Although playing slot machines can help you meet wagering requirements more quickly, each game is different. Our experts advise that you always pay attention to the variance of your demo slot pragmatic olympus determined by their RTP (Return to Player Percentage).

The lower the RTP, the higher the variance. As a result, they don't pay out as often, but you win big when you win. To meet wagering requirements, we recommend that you play demo slot pragmatic olympus with a low RTP at the beginning. Why? Because it gives you the chance to increase your bankroll, which can work as a buffer for possible losses in the future. 

After you've built your healthy bankroll, move on to high RTP (lower-variance) demo slot pragmatic olympus. These give you smaller wins more often. These are safer because they don't diminish your bankroll as quickly.

5. You Can Opt Out

Remember that you can always walk away from the offer. If for any reason, you don't want to worry about the wagering requirements, you can opt out of the bonus. Most casinos make it easy for you to do this via your personal account. Are you having problems finding it? Simply contact the casino's customer support, and it'll take care of this for you.

No-Wager Casino Bonuses

Yes, some casinos offer you casino bonuses with no wagering requirements. The lack of strings attached is making this type of promotion more and more popular. Don't expect them, however, to be as generous as bonuses with wagering requirements.  Despite this, our experts admit that these are a great way to increase your bankroll.

To claim these bonuses, you simply need to make a deposit. That's right, these casinos offers don't make you wager your winnings a specific number of times before you can withdraw them.  Check out our expert pick of the best free spins no deposit no wagering casino bonuses to discover one that's perfect for you today.

Low-Wager Casino Bonuses

If you're a new player, we recommend that you claim a low-wager casino bonus to start. These offers all have wagering requirements that are easier to meet than their high-wager cousins. Don't know where to find the best low-wager casinos? Our NewFreeSpinsNoDeposit experts have got you covered. Scroll down to claim a low-wager casino bonus that suits your gaming needs.

Why Do Casinos Use Wagering Requirements?

Online casinos use wagering requirements for two reasons. Firstly, if you could simply claim a bonus and withdraw the money straight away, the majority of online gambling sites would go out of business quickly. 

Secondly, casinos set wagering requirements to ensure they comply with anti-money laundering regulations (AML). If online casinos didn't have any wagering requirements, criminals could easily exploit this to clean dirty money.

Wagering Requirement FAQs

Can I withdraw the winnings from a free bet?

Yes, as this guide has outlined, you can withdraw your winnings from a free bet when you beat the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements differ: some are low and easy to meet, and others are higher. Also, remember you won't receive the stake amount, as the casino paid this for you. Our experts always recommend that you read the small print before claiming a casino bonus.

How can you beat wagering requirements?

As we have outlined in our guide above, the best way to beat the wagering requirements is to start with slots machines. These demo slot pragmatic olympus usually contribute the most significant percentage of your wager to the requirements. Read our free spins slots to find one that is perfect for you.

Are there no-wager casino bonuses?

Yes, there are many no-wager free spin bonuses for you to enjoy. These are perfect if you want to avoid wagering requirements and test out a new game or casino. These aren't, however, as generous as other promotions. Take a look at our expert picks for the best offers on the best slot machines.

What is a wager amount?

A wager amount is the sum of money you bet on a game with an uncertain event. Every time you place a bet on a casino game - slots, table demo slot pragmatic olympus, sports, etc. - this is called a wager. It can also refer to how much money you've staked during a session.

What does no wagering mean?

No wagering casino bonuses have no wagering requirements at all. You can collect your winnings from this bonus when you strike lucky. However, you may need to deposit to claim this type of gambling promotion.

What are low-wager casino bonuses?

Low-Wager casino bonuses give you free play with requirements that are easy to meet. For instance, if your ten free spin bonus of 1$ a spin has a requirement of 1x and you win $10, you need to wager that amount before you can withdraw it.